Why do Your Dogs Feet Smell Like Corn Chips?

If you have a dog, odds are you know that dogs can give off many different smells. Sometimes the smell is good (if they have had a bath recently), and other times the smell is so bad that you can’t seem to stand being too close to them. At some point, you may notice that your dog’s feet smell like corn chips.

You read that right… corn chips, also known as, “Frito feet.” Whether you can faintly smell their Frito feet, or the smell is overwhelming, it may have you wondering if this is normal, what you should do about it, and if you should be worried.

Though not many people talk about their dog’s feet smelling like corn chips it is, however, a normal condition that happens to most dogs. The smell comes from bacteria that live on the skin but is usually nothing to be concerned about. If you are dealing with the strong smell of Frito feet on your dog, read on as we discuss why this happens, how to treat it, and more.

Why This Happens?

Your dog’s feet may be smelling like corn chips simply because of the bacteria called Proteus and pseudomonas which are normal floras for a dog’s skin but can sometimes cause bad odor. Believe it or not, dogs sweat through their paws which creates an unusual smell. When your dog licks their paws, the microbes from its tongue typically intensify the bacteria and therefore, intensify the odd smell of corn chips.

This smell with no other symptoms is normal but if your dog’s feet don’t smell, that is totally normal too!

How to Rid the Smell

Ridding the smell of corn chips from your dog’s paw comes down to keeping them extra clean. Give your dog a thorough bath and make sure to pay close attention to their paws and in between the padding of their paws

Once the smell is gone the same applies to keeping the smell away. Make sure to give your dog regular baths and anytime they get its paws wet, make sure to completely dry them. Keep in mind that the more fur is in the area, the harder it will be to keep the smell away. If your dog has long or thick fur, keeping it trimmed up around their paws can help eliminate this issue.

Anytime that your dog comes back in from running in the yard or after their daily walk, clean their paws to easily stay on top of keeping away the dreadful Frito feet. You can use a towel or pet wipes to take care of this after each trip.

When Should you Be Concerned

Of course, like any other condition, while this smell is typically normal, there are also times it may be of concern. If you notice this smell on your dog’s paws there are certain signs and symptoms you should be aware of to know if they need to see a vet.

If you notice any type of inflammation or discharge in its paws it may mean, there is more going on than just the smell of corn chips. Be aware of any previous injuries to their feet or if there is a cut that never did heal. If either of those are the case, it could be a sign of infection that needs to be treated.

Anytime a dog is constantly chewing or licking its paws in an overabundance, it is a red flag. If you just gave them a bath then it is no concern but if it is occurring at other times, it means they are doing it to ease some type of uncomfortable feeling. When a dog shows signs of an uncomfortable feeling in its paws, it is either time to clean them or they need to be checked out by a professional.

Final Wrap

Hopefully, this article has helped ease your mind about your dog’s feet smelling like corn chips. As mentioned, it is completely normal, but it is always good to know when you should take them to be checked by your local veterinarian.

Anytime that you suspect there may be another reason for this issue, it is best to be on the safe side and have a second opinion. Thoroughly cleaning your dog’s paws first will eliminate the fact that they smell from being dirty or wet. Once they are clean and dry, if they still smell or have other symptoms along with it, you know there must be a different underlying cause.