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Inside of the Small Intestine where a Leaky Gut condition is present

Leaky Gut Syndrome In Dogs

Leaky Gut appears to be the major cause of health issues in dogs. A high carbohydrate diet, the overuse of antibiotics, and various toxins in the f...

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Recent research is confirming a connection between diet and imbalance of the Gut Microbiota, called dysbiosis, that can lead to further dysfunction...

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 Solved Allergies

Had my Pitbull Sonny for about 5 years now, since he has come into my home we struggled with his allergies. I don't even know how many different brands of food we have used for him, I have spent some major dollars on the best food. However, once we got him on Brothers within a few months he is basically a new dog. No more dry skin, scratching, hair loss, ear infections, skin infections the list goes on. It definitively was a shock to his system, the first month he basically blew out all his hair and detoxed like they said. Month 2 is when his body crawled back to normal. His hair is fully back, dry skin gone, no more ear funkiness. This food has done wonders give it a try.

 So Glad We Switched

Hi Richard,
I wanted to follow up to thank you for your response and suggestions about transitioning our puppy to Brothers dog food.
It's been just shy of a month that our puppy Sammy has been transitioned over to Brother's dog food. Since then, she has been diarrhea free and her coat has a beautiful shine too it. She's been able to gain the weight back that she lost while still remaining lean and I couldn't be more happy and more relieved. Even with my previous lab, never did her coat shine like Sammy's is and never were her stools like this. With the True Cost calculator we will end up paying far less in dog food compared to the lesser quality dog food she was on, not to mention the money we will save on eliminated vet bills. We are so glad we switched to Brother's dog food and this will be the only dog food we ever feed our dog(s) from here on out.
Thank you so much!
Bridget Oltmans

 I am so happy

I am so happy with the quality of your food for my three dogs. One of my dogs in particular caused me so much anxiety because I couldn't find a food for him that wouldn't cause either chronic diarrhea or skin welts. The only food he could tolerate was prescription ID ... until I tried your food! Nothing short of a miracle for my boy. He's doing great, has a beautiful coat, and healthy belly! My other two dogs love the taste and their coats have improved also. Thank you for making this great food.
Alexandra Woodford

 So glad I found you guys!

My senior dog with allergies and other health issues was having chronic loose stools and yeast issues, no matter what food I tried him on - until I discovered Brothers. I took a risk and switched him straight to the Venison and Egg formula - there was nothing to lose; he was already having horrible tummy issues... Within two days, his stools were completely solid and normal for the first time in so long! I was amazed! It's definitely been the perfect match for him. His itchy, yeasty skin is beginning to clear up as well. Thank you so much! :D
TaylorJowers Fesmire

 Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service!!

I couldn't figure out how to post this review, so I'm sending to you! Can you please post it for me? Thank you for your EXCELLENT customer service!!
Early this year I switched to Brother's Complete Dog Food for my beloved pups. It is the most nutritious food I found, after lots and lots of research. I love that it has no grain, no potato and no sugar...and that its much fresher, than food sitting on store shelf for months. My dogs absolutely LOVE the lamb meal and egg formula, and I can tell they "feel" much better now, since their gut is much healthier. Not only is it a five star dog food, but their customer service is top notch, too...seriously the BEST I've ever encountered! When UPS lost my package, they immediately refunded me and shipped out another bag at no charge (with an extra bag of their awesome treats!)!! PLUS they overnighted several trial packs immediately, to get me by til my regular shipment came! And if that weren't enough, when the lost package was found and delivered to me, they wouldn't even accept payment from me...even tho it was NOT their fault, it was lost! With great, healthy food my precious pups love, and customer service above and beyond, I am a customer for life! #brotherscompleterocks
Sincerely,Linda Winans
VERY happy customer

 I feed my dogs Brother’s Complete since it’s the greatest food I’ve tried.

My senior pomeranian and young chihuahua mix are rescues and I don’t believe they have allergies, but my chi mix does get bad tear stains. Brothers Complete controls my dogs tear stains to the point where I don’t have to clean them unless he has eye goop. I love it!!!

 Have been buying this food for years and recommending it to all dog owners. 

The dog food out there is truly crappy. This food completely resolved an allergy issue I had with one of my dogs for years. I have asked Aaron (and probably made him a little crazy) a zillion questions over the years. Even though he is not a vet he is extremely knowledgeable and has always led me in the right direction on the topic of dogs.

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