By Sally Fionte 

October 12, 2023

SO MANY OPTIONS ! Time to call in an expert. I contacted a certified, registered dog food evaluator. She went over the nutrients of ALL the Amazon dry dog foods, and highly recommended Brothers Goat and
Egg formula. Dog loves it, and his veterinarian had high praise for this product.


 Love Brothers dog food!

By Kdorning 

My 13 year old Rottweiler has been on the Brothers diet for 6 years now. He loves it and is very healthy for being such an old dog. His coat is shinny. I attribute his longevity to this amazing product!


starimage Thank you for a great product!

I wanted to tell Brothers Dog Food how wonderful your product is.  I have attached a before picture of what my Airedale Terrier looked like before we put her on Brothers Complete. Addie was a rescue and was in terrible shape when we gave her a forever home.  She has been on Brothers now for 3 years.  She has no more health issues and has turned into a great looking Airedale.  She is a certified Therapy Dog and certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and I get compliments on her when we are out in public.  She is a great ambassador for you as it seems every day I am telling someone to try Brothers and see for themselves how healthy their dog can be.  I have a 4 month old standard puppy who is also growing up on Brothers. He too is healthy and strong. This is longer than I anticipated but I can’t stop talking about Brothers and I thank you for what it has done for my dogs inside and out.
Please thank the whole staff for me and let them know I am very thankful for having a great product.

Linda Cartwright
Vice President Administration
West Texas Independent Financial Services


starimage Best Food ever

By Rachel 

My 6 year GSD had so many skin issues. After years of vet bills, antibiotics, and food changes, I came across Brothers Dog Food. Cooper’s hair was falling out, brittle, smelly and had wounds from itching and biting. I was giving him Benedryl for the itching, and numerous shampoos. After three bags of Brothers Dog Food, his hair became soft, thick and shiny. His wounds cleared up, no more crusty black sores. No more incessant itching and biting. He became more playful and no more eye crud. His coat stopped smelling and it is so soft. Turns out, he had an extreme case of yeast. THANK YOU, Brothers Dog Food. Worth every penny. Xoxo


starimage Think I found a winner!

By Lisalaine 

Finding trustworthy dog food has been quite a challenge for me. Soon after the transition, I would read something that that steered me away from my prior choices. I needed to stay away from sugar ingredients, have enough fiber for proper poops(to encourage anal expression) and few ingredients to reduce risks of allergies. Oh yeah, and our old man needs to like the flavor and feel good! Brothers covers all the points. First, I bought the turkey and got a sample of the goat. He seemed to like the goat a bit better. Cool thing with this brand's recipes is that they are so similar, it's easy to transition to another protein variety and back again, if you choose without worry of stomach upset. We are no longer having to go every 3 weeks for anal expression, the yeasty ear problems are not reoccurring anymore,and he has even stopped licking his front paws! I'm paying more for this dog food, but it doesn't match the vet bills I'm saving and knowing that he's healthier is priceless!!


 Munchy Loves it!!!

By Dreya 

I have a 3 year old English bulldog and he is very sensitive to a lot of foods. He throws up a lot and has bad allergies. I started feeding him Brothers formula and he has never looked so good. His hair is shinier and finally putting on some weight. He is a bit under weight because he is pickier than a child. He loves Brothers formula and cleans out his plate ever since we switched over to brothers. Its healthy and hypoallergenic. Thank you Brothers!!!


 Second dog to thrive on Brothers.


We adopted a American Bulldog/lab mix in mid February. The rescuers had done a good job with him but he still was in bad shape. They got him infested with fleas, raw spots and half starved. We took him home and throw away the food they gave us. Started him on Brothers Dog Food right away. We feed Brothers To our other dog, a lab, who as a puppy had terrible allergies. 4 and a half years later the lab is in amazing shape, beautiful and healthy. Our new dog's coat after two months is glowing, and he is growing strong every day. This is truly a great food for your dogs. I can see the difference in the dogs. This food stands the test of time it will keep your dogs healthy for their whole lives


 Perfect Dog Food!

By Ashley 

My dog had an allergy to something in the foods we were buying at our local pet food store. I searched and searched online until I ran across this dog food. I did some research online and found some reviews which were all raving about its goodness, so I gave it a shot! Sure enough my dog stopped incessantly licking himself within about a week. Maybe less! It's worth the additional cost compared to the brands you find at your local pet store, for sure! If my dog feels better, isn't itchy, etc, it's worth it


 Solved Allergies


Had my Pitbull Sonny for about 5 years now, since he has come into my home we struggled with his allergies. I don't even know how many different brands of food we have used for him, I have spent some major dollars on the best food. However, once we got him on Brothers within a few months he is basically a new dog. No more dry skin, scratching, hair loss, ear infections, skin infections the list goes on. It definitively was a shock to his system, the first month he basically blew out all his hair and detoxed like they said. Month 2 is when his body crawled back to normal. His hair is fully back, dry skin gone, no more ear funkiness. This food has done wonders give it a try. 


 If I can't have Brothers Complete, I don't want nobody baby.


My pitty was back and forth to the vet and dermatologist for the first year of her life with recurring skin infections (mange first, then pyoderma). Prednisone and antibiotics were prescribed quite a few times and then the dermatologist put her on Atopica, against my better judgement, which turned out to be a nightmare decision for my girl. After stopping the Atopica, I started doing my homework and discovered Brothers Complete. Well, the vet has lost a lot of money on me in the past 2.5 years because her skin infections have stopped completely. I am obsessed with BC and tell everyone/anyone who's dogs have GI or skin issues to switch to BC. It is worth every penny!! My dogs love every flavor too.