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How many cups are there in the 25 lb. bag of Brothers Dog Food?
In the 25 lb. bag of Brothers Dog Food, there are approximately 90-94 cups of food. The 5-pound bag contains around 17-18 cups of dog food.

Where is Brothers Dog Food manufactured?
Brothers Dog Food was Designed by a Ph.D Animal Nutritionist to be the healthiest kibble dog food possible. The formulas have not been altered in an  in any way since they were first made. 

We are committed to making the healthiest dog food possible and everything we see and hear from our customers confirms that we have achieved that goal and we do not intend to "fix" what is not broken.

We get regular requests from customers imploring us not to sell the company or change the food because it is the best food their dog has ever eaten.

Our food is sourced by LANI in the midwest and then cooked and bagged in El Paso, Texas by a family owned company, like ourselves, that we can rely on to make our food to the exceptionally high standards we designed into it.

Many  people are under the false assumption that a company that owns its own manufacturing plant will make a better quality product but in fact they can get away with doing anything they want since they don't have to answer to anyone.

If a dog is used to eating a ‘small bites kibble’, is the kibble size of Brothers Dog Food suitable for them?
The kibble size is on the small side and we have never had a complaint that it was not suitable for a dog of any size. The high amount of protein in the food ranging from 30% to 40% is over 90% animal sourced protein and the dogs are far more interested in the high animal protein taste than they are about the size of the kibble.

Which fermentation products are used in the dog food? Does it contain any kind of yeast?
The formula doesn't have any kind of yeast; but it does have a lot of specialized Probiotics that help control yeast. The Probiotics we use are encapsulated by a special process that prevents them from activating prematurely, so they open in the gut where they carry out the necessary functions that are so important. The Encapsulated Probiotics are made up of dried enterococcus faecium fermentation product, dried lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product, and dried lactobacillus fermentation product.

Is the dog food appropriate for feeding puppies?
Brothers Dog Food is a good choice for puppies. The feeding rate for adults is 1/4 cup daily for every 6 lbs. of weight or 1 cup for every 25 lbs., and then adjusted as needed. For weight above 75 lbs., feed at a reduced rate for every 25 lbs. of weight. Feed 1/2 of the daily amount twice, i.e. morning and evening.

Puppies need as much as 50 to 100% more food during their growth and high activity stages usually for the first year. However, it’s important to ensure that they are not overfed, especially large breed puppies. Keep in mind that your pet’s ribs shouldn’t be visible, but you should definitely be able to feel them. Check their weight at least once a week and adjust their meals to maintain an ideal weight.

What percentage of protein is derived from animal products compared to plant products?
Over 90% of the protein in Brothers Dry Dog Food is animal sourced protein which is what your dog was designed to eat. Only animal protein is rich in taurine, a nutrient that keeps the heart healthy. 

Does Brothers Dog Food offer sample packages for purchasing?
Yes, we provide sample packages. Visit our website to find the sample packages on the first page under the label ‘Shop Our Products’ that show an image of little silver bags.

Do the dog foods contain ANY fish products such as fish meat, oils or any other by-products?
Brothers Dog Food is devoid of any kind of fish products. Almost all fish must be soaked in Ethoxyquin to preserve it and Brothers does not believe Ethoxyquin is a healthy preservative.

Is the formula low in glycemic content?
The entire range of Brothers Dog Food is on the low glycemic index.

Is Brothers Dog Food grain-free?
Yes. Brothers is completely grain free as werll as potato and sweet potato free. These are carbohydrates that have a negative impact on the gut and feed the Candida Yeast as well.

Do I have to transition Brothers Dog Food when I switch to different flavors?
No. You can switch between Brothers formulas without any problem.

Does your brand use antibiotic-free meat?
Brothers Dog Food uses meat free of antibiotics and hormones.

How much is the fat content in the turkey and egg formula?
Brothers Turkey and Egg formula contains a crude fat content of a minimum of 16%.

What does the lamb meal contain?
Brothers Lamb Meal is made from dry rendered product, which combines clean flesh and skin with or without bone. It is derived from the parts or whole carcasses of lamb or a combination of both.

My dog is prone to allergies and is currently on the lamb recipe. Is it feasible to switch to another Brothers protein source, or would that affect her digestion?
Since your dog is prone to allergies, it’s best to transition them into a new Brothers formula over a period of 2 weeks. This transition helps them adjust to a new flavor, preventing an upset stomach.

Are there potatoes in Brothers Dog Food range?
Brothers Dog Food does not contain potatoes or sweet potatoes in their recipes.

Is this a small company, or is it part of a large (big brand) business?
Brothers Dog Food Company is a family owned and operated business that is not affiliated with any other company.

What are the benefits of the turkey meal?  
Turkey is lean, white meat, just like chicken. It helps dogs in building muscle.  A highly digestible protein source for dogs, turkey-based pet food is great for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies compared to beef or chicken recipes. Turkey meal is rendered and is rich in protein.

What temperature is used to cook the meat? Is it flash cooled?
Brothers Dog Food is processed at low temperatures to minimize possible damage to the more fragile amino acids, so that the protein source is optimal for health and growth.

Where are the lamb and eggs sourced from?
The lamb is sourced in New Zealand, while other ingredients such as the eggs are sourced in the USA.

Is Brothers Dog Food appropriate for my overweight pet?
Yes, it is a great choice for overweight pets. Studies show that a high protein and low carbohydrate diet can help dogs reduce body weight naturally better than food with less calories but a higher percentage of carbohydrates. 

How beneficial is Brothers Dog Food for your dog’s overall health?
It supports the overall immune system, digestive and gut health. Brothers Dog Food contains highly selective prebiotics and encapsulated probiotics. The dog food is made in small batches and kept cool (55-60F) in the warehouse to ensure maximum freshness.

How should I transition my dog to Brothers Dog Foods?

Usually, dogs are fed the same food for a long time, which means a sudden food change can make it difficult for your pet’s digestive system to adapt. So, it’s important to introduce a new formula slowly. This will not only give your dog some time to adjust to the new food but will also reduce digestive issues. You can start by mixing 25% of the new dog food with 75% of the old formula. Then during the 10 to 14 days, gradually increase the new dog food portion until you switch to the new formula 100%.


What is a rotational diet? Can this be done with Brothers?

Rotating between Brothers formulas is a great way to prevent your dog from getting bored of eating the same thing every day while offering them various proteins and fats. Once a particular formula is finished, you can opt for a rotational diet and try a different recipe. The first time you introduce a new dog food for rotation, it would be best to mix the food 50/50 so that your pet transitions well to the new formula.


Any feeding tips for dog owners?

We recommend you to feed Brothers Dog Food two times a day. Make sure to divide the suggested amount on the feeding guide into two equal meals, spaced eight to 12 hours apart. For instance, if the feeding guide says 1 cup per day, we recommend feeding 1/2 a cup in the morning and 1/2 a cup at night. As you understand your pet’s ideal daily nutritional requirements, you might need to adjust the portions. The amounts may change according to your pet’s age and activity levels. Remember, a lean dog is a healthy pet.