Brothers Dog Food started 2006 in our Pet Food store located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida called The Doggy Store.

It became our passion to make the highest quality hypoallergenic dog food to help all dogs live happier, healthier lives.  We are still independent and 100% family owned and operated and our customers appreciate being able to reach out to us with questions and get answers about the food.

Brothers is proud to be included in the 2020/2021 Dog Food Advisors Top Ranking Editors Choice Award for both Allergy and Weight Loss categories.  We make one of the the highest quality, hypoallergenic dog foods in the world.  If you are a dog owner who wants your pup to get the best possible nutrition, Brothers Dog Food is for you.

Our mission is to provide superior hypoallergenic dog food that tastes great and delivers balanced nutrients to maintain energy, vitality, proper digestion, gut health, and proper weight to establish a complete, balanced state of health.



Why Brothers Dog Food Works


Brothers is made in small batches and kept cool in our warehouse at a temperature of 55-60F to maintain maximum freshness.

Brothers has a combination of 4 natural preservatives that prove to be more effective at keeping the food fresh than the one or two normally used, and dogs definitely notice the fresher taste.

We use the highest quality, hi-tek, 3-ply, metalized bags to protect the food against insects, oxygen, light , and moisture.

There is absolutely no BHA, BHT, or Ethoxyquin in Brothers.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES break the food down more thoroughly and increase nutrient absorption.  They reduce the chance of allergies developing and increase the flow of energy to the immune system.

SELECTIVE PROBIOTIC:  PREbiotics are not equal. The PREbiotics normally used feed both the good and bad bacteria. Brothers uses a long chain, highly selective PREbiotic that only feeds the beneficial bacteria. 

ENCAPSULATED PROBIOTICS: Normal probiotics are activated prematurely by the 10% moisture in the kibble and 99.9% are no longer alive the the time your dog eats the food.  Brothers probiotics are kept alive by a patented process the encapsulates, protects, and prevents the beneficial bacteria from activating until they are delivered to the gut where they are fed by the selective PREbiotics we use. 


YOUR DOG IS A CARNIVORE: The Mitochondrial DNA  controls the metabolic and energy pathways in your dog and is 99.8% identical to the DNA in a 5,000 year old gray wolf.  The Nuclear DNA is different and has been manipulated to create the various physical characteristics and personality traits of the domesticated dog - but it has little to do with the metabolic pathways that determine what a dog is designed to eat (it's Ancestral Diet). 

90% of PROTEIN IS ANIMAL SOURCED: The protein in Brothers is over 90% sourced from animals (rather than from plants like grains, potatoes, etc.)  Animal protein is the primary component of the ancestral diet that your furry, family carnivore was designed to eat by Mother Nature.

FREE RANGE PROTEIN: Our Venison and Lamb are from Australia and new Zealand where they are free to roam and graze on their natural ancestral diet - a diet which doesn't include hormones and antibiotics.

FOR ALL LIFE STAGES: Brothers Dog Food meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for all life stages and is a nourishing healthy hypoallergenic food for puppies, large breed puppies, adult dogs, working dogs, and senior dogs.

                                           Brothers  is proudly made in the USA