Brothers Dog Food started in 2006 in our Pet Food store located in Fort Lauderdale Florida called, the Doggy Store. it became our passion to make a premium dog food to help all dogs live happier and healthier lives. Brothers is a grain free, high-protein, dry dog food that uses named meat meals and egg as its source of healthy, nutritious protein. This is one of the reasons it earned the highest five-star rating on dog food advisor..

Brothers Dog Food provides complete nutrition that mimics a dog’s ideal natural diet. Made in small batches, it features high-quality proteins like turkey, chicken, lamb, goat, and dried whole eggs that are easily absorbed and excludes high glycemic carbs like grains, white potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Every ingredient is carefully selected according to advanced nutritional concepts that balance the nutrients to each other and focus on healing, balancing, and maintaining a healthy gut. Our food is ideal for every stage of life and helps pets avoid skin conditions, tummy issues, and other allergy related problems. We make one of the highest quality hypoallergenic dog foods in the world and produce every bag of Brothers kibble in a USA facility. We are independent and 100% family-owned and operated. Our customers appreciate being able to reach out to us with questions and get answers about the food we are proud to produce. 

Brothers is proud to be included in the Dog Food advisors “Top Ranking Editor’s Choice Awards” for both the Allergy and Weight Loss categories.

Our mission is to provide super premium dog food that tastes great and delivers balanced nutrients to maintain energy, vitality, proper digestion, gut health, and proper weight to establish a complete, balanced state of health. If you are a dog owner who wants your pup to get the best possible nutrition, Brothers Dog Food is for you!