The Best Pet Nutrition Requires the Best Probiotics


To get a visual image of the physical body and the Probiotics that it relies on, think of your dogs body as a large city like Chicago that you are looking down on from 30,000 feet up in an airplane. You can see about 1 million different buildings and physical components but you can’t see the 9 million people inside the city that are necessary to make the city operate successfully. The body is made of 10 trillion cells which you can see but it completely depends on the 90 trillion bacteria in the colon, that you can’t see, to run it effectively.

Probiotics are the good bacteria in the colon and they perform the following essential functions:

  1. 1)  They clean and repair the cilia that line the colon so they can

    extract nutrients from the food.

  2. 2)  They help transport the nutrients from the colon into the blood


  3. 3)  They keep the harmful bacteria, like the yeast/fungus

    Candida albicans, in check so it does not overwhelm the system and get into the blood stream where it becomes “Systemic Candida” and causes skin conditions and ear problems with excess yeast/fungus.

  4. 4)  They repair and restore the gut lining where about 80% of the immune system is generated.

  5. 5)  They reclaim the excess water and recycle it into the system so the stool is firm.

There are approximately 10 trillion (10,000,000,000) cells in the body and 90 trillion (90,000,000,000) bacteria in a healthy colon.

The Probiotics, or healthy bacteria, can be compromised by stress, food with excess sugar content like potatoes or grains, or

the use of antibiotics. It is crucial to keep the colon healthy and the population of good bacteria strong.

The normal probiotics added to dog food, if they are added at all, are activated prematurely by the heat and moisture in the food when it is bagged and 99.24% are dead long before your dog ever eats the food.

This data is based on tests comparing “BioSecure encapsulated probiotics” to normal probiotics listed at the end of this article and written by the Ph.D animal nutritionist who helped design Brothers dog food.

Brothers dog food adds BioSecure “encapsulated” Probiotics to all its food because it delivers over 1,000 times more viable CFU (colony forming units) to the dogs gut compared to normal probiotics.

If normal probiotics are used on dog food it is usually added at 200,000 cfu/gram. Since only about 1% of them survive the delivery rate is only 2,000 cfu/gm. Brothers dog food aims at 2,000,000 cfu/gm and usually exceeds it to as high as 4,000,000 cfu/gm.

Brothers delivers 4,000,000 cfu/gm compared to 2,000 cfu/gm with normal probiotics.

I offer the following from our Ph.D Nutritionist who oversaw the tests done on the viability of the probiotics on Brothers and has been involved with the BioSecure Probiotics since the beginning. He has a Ph.D in Probiotics.


To: Brothers Dog Food

Subject: Stability of Probiotics 

Shown on the next page are data from an extrusion trial done on Brothers Complete products and one other product using the BioSecure probiotics which are stabilized / protected against the typical losses found in pet foods. I have also added some explanation to use with your clients. If you have further questions, let me know.

Overview. Dry pet foods have about 8% moisture typically. As moisture increases so does microbial growth. Higher moisture soft-moist products are extremely difficult to stabilize and require preservatives that dry products do not.

Live probiotics added to the dry mixture before the heat and pressure of extrusion will not survive these conditions. Adding live probiotics to a flavor that is coated on the outside of the dried kibble post-fat application still do not survive because of high heat in the kibble and in the fat.

Additionally, microbial growth is determined by the activity of the water. A measurement called water activity determines the availability of the water for microbial growth and is expressed on a 0.0 to 1.0 scale. A typical pet food might be 0.5 to 0.8 with a moisture range of 7.0% to 9.0%. With these moisture and water activity ranges, microbes (probiotics) continue to grow and they do not survive for long. It has been found that for best results – water activity must be under 0.2 which can only be accomplished in tableting or in a very dry powder.

The discovery of the probiotic stabilizing system in BioSecure has been clearly shown to provide stabilized probiotics even in dry pet foods with 8% moisture. As clarification, bacteria are counted as cfu (colony forming

units) at various powers of 10. 101 is 10. 102 is 100. 103 is 1,000. 104 is 10,000. 105 is 100,000. 106 is 1,000,000.

Shown below are some results of comparisons with BioSecure probiotics:

Dry Puppy Food – Target 2 x 105 cfu/gram of pet food = 200,000 cfu/gram

With Competitive Probiotics – 3.8 x 103 cfu/gram = 3,800 cfu/gram (1.9 % of target)

With BioSecure Probiotics – 2.9 x 105 cfu/gram = 290,000 cfu/gram (145 % of target)

Dry Senior Food – Target 2 x 105 cfu/gram of pet food = 200,000 cfu/gram

With Competitive Probiotics – 3.8 x 103 cfu/gram = 3,800 cfu/gram (1.9 % of target)

With BioSecure Probiotics – 5.8 x 105 cfu/gram = 580,000 cfu/gram (290 % of target)

In both cases, BioSecure Probiotics met, or exceeded, the target while normal probiotics did not come close.

Brothers Complete has a minimum TARGET of 1 x 106 (1,000,000) cfu/gram of pet food – a much higher

standard than competitive products whose normal target rate is 10% of what Brothers is (100,000 cfu/gram). To make matters worse the average probiotics applied to dog food are 98% destroyed by the time the dog eats them. Shown below are the test results on survivability of probiotics on Brothers kibble compared to competitive probiotics.

Brothers Probiotic Target Rate = 1,000,000 cfu/gram of dog food.

ACTUAL DENSITY of Delivered Probiotics by Brothers Complete:

Brothers Complete White Meat – 4.1 x 106 cfu/gram = 4.100,000 cfu/gram

Average Dog Food Probiotic TARGET rate is 100,000 cfu/ gram of dog food:

ACTUAL DENSITY of Delivered Probiotics by Average Dog Food:

Is only 1,900 cfu/gram of dog food.

Dog Food
with normal probiotics yields 1,900 cfu/gram of viable probiotics to the dog.

Brothers Dog Food with BioSecure “encapsulated” probiotics delivers 4,100,000 cfu/gram (or 1,816,000,000 cfu/lb) of viable probiotics to the dogs gut. This is over 2,000 times more than normal probiotics



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