Increase The Overall Health and Well Being Of Your Dog



When you switch to Brothers Complete your dog begins a journey with positive results that include increased overall health and well being. The positive results that Brothers produces are not superficial or temporary.
 Brothers is designed to heal, strengthen, and maintain the health of the colon - the core and most essential component of a fully functioning, healthy system.
When you begin feeding your dog Brothers Complete it will help to have an idea of ‘What To EXPECT' as your dog begins the transition to a healthier, happier body.
Brothers makes use of 2 nutritional protocols, designed specifically for dogs, that compliment each other very well when used together, as they are in Brothers. Together they build a strong foundation for health that begins in the colon - the core of the organism - and from that essential foundation positive benefits flow outward to restore and balance the entire organism.
As your dog gets healthier it is quite normal for its body to get rid of some of the toxins that have been accumulating in it’s system. This is known as “detoxing” and is a positive sign that the system is getting healthier and stronger. The degree of detoxing necessary along the way will normally be related to the age, dietary history, and environment the dog has been raised in which all have an affect on the amount of toxins the dog has been exposed to.
When detoxing a dog can only eliminate the toxins through one of two exits, front or back, so the choice is throwing up or diarrhea. Humans have a third possibility because their skin comes equipped with sweat glands. Throwing up is a less common method of detox for dogs than a bout of diarrhea, but either way it’s a sign that your dog is healing and becoming healthier and the detox periods usually only last a few days.
Unfortunately, we’ve heard numerous stories of people who were unfamiliar with the benefits of detoxing, or who misinterpreted the detoxing episode as an indication that Brothers was making their dog sick and took their dog off of Brothers at just the point when positive results were being realized.
Most dogs who have been on a diet that includes processed grain or potato will have developed a sweet tooth to some degree and may need a little extra care when switching to a grain and potato free diet like Brothers. 
If the dog likes the taste of Brothers and eats it but has extreme diarrhea then it is usually best to take at least 2 weeks to make a gradual transition from the existing food to Brothers. This can be accomplished by adding a little more Brothers to the bowl each day while subtracting that same amount of the old food over a period of 2 weeks or so.
If the dog doesn’t like the taste of Brothers because it is used to or addicted to the sugar rush it gets from the grain or potato then the same gradual transition will usually work to help reset it’s natural appetite for a meat based kibble that is grain and potato free like Brothers.
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