Love Traveling with our Dogs

Traveling with your dog is less costly than leaving them behind and it's more fun for you and your dog. If you could ask them they would be unanimously in favor of traveling with you.

Our dogs are members of our family so we really don't want to leave them behind. With a little planning it's really not so difficult to travel with them and it's much more fun having them along. We found that taking the time to stop and walk the dogs every so often along the way actually helped us relax and enjoy the trip more. We used car seats which had seat belts that attached to their harness for safety and it raised them up high enough that they could see out the side windows which kept them fairly occupied.

All you really need to do is pack a bag for them as you do for yourself and their needs are much less than yours. You need to bring water, bowls for food and water, dog food, and maybe a chew toy to cuddle with. The biggest issue traveling with a dog is usually centered around where you are going to stay for the night. Today there are more dog friendly hotels than ever so it's not the problem it used to be. With minimal planning and thought you can take your dog with you and be happier as a result.

If you would love to find more detailed information about traveling with your dog I've copied a link below to my favorite dog friendly blog so you can benefit from their detailed advise and extensive experience on traveling with dogs.

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Article Reposted with Permission from Go Pet Friendly

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