RV Camping With Your Dog

One of the main reasons to choose an RV as a form of transport is the fact that you can take your dog everywhere you go.  Being able to include your dog in the fun makes it all the more enjoyable.  Most dogs love to travel, mostly in an RV where they have the comforts of home.  Thankfully dogs love to travel as they are usually excited with meeting new people, especially kids, dogs, and places.  Bonus too is they act as a fantastic ice breaker!  RVing and sharing it with your dogs is worth it. 

The trick to discovering if you dog can handle RV Road trip is giving them plenty of time to adapt to their new home before you hit the road. Taking slow baby steps in bringing your pet onboard will go a long way toward creating road trip memories that last a lifetime.  We would highly recommend this approach, since it did take time to adjust to their new home on wheels.

Dogs are very adaptable but it is also dependent on how you travel. If  they are stuck in the RV all day, it may be hard for them.  Exercise your dogs before you get on the road.  They will be too tired to mind the drive much.

When reserving at campgrounds be sure you are familiar with the pet policy by checking  their website or calling them directly prior to booking.

The crate is a great place to teach your dog that he is in a safe place and if done correctly, it will be a place he will go on his own to rest and get out of the way.  Leave their crate out for a couple days and when they walk past it, leave a treat in there so it becomes a more positive experience for them.  When it comes to their crate, make sure its always a comfortable environment for them.  Throw in their favorite blanket, along with a couple of toys and a few treats, so it becomes a safe retreat more than an intimidating carrying cage.

Traveling with dogs is 100 percent achievable, you just need to be more organized, flexible and informed.

If you would love to find more detailed information about traveling with your dog I've copied a favorite link below to ....so you can benefit from their detailed advise and extensive experience on traveling with dogs.

You can check it out here.