Brothers Dog Food Independently Owned & Operated

Founded in 2006, Brothers Dog Food is an Independently owned & operated pet food company in the Midwest.


Brothers has been unwavering in their dedication to provide the highest quality, most nutritious dog food and treats in the industry. We worked with an animal nutritionist with 35 years experience and a Ph.D in Gut Health to develop what has proven over the last 16 years to be the healthiest food we have ever seen, and we have seen them all. We ran a dog food store for 15 years selling every high end food made and our thousands of customers proved that nothing compared to Brothers. They reported improved skin and coat health, better energy and wellbeing, improved digestion, natural weight regulation, and food allergies resolved.

This ultra premium food is made with US and New Zealand named, whole meat meals, that are anti-biotic and hormone free.  There are no high glycemic grains, potatoes, or refined carbohydrates and no fillers,  by-products, food coloring, or chemical preservatives.

Made in small batches, Brothers recipes are always fresh and provide exactly what your dog needs to thrive.  They’re high in animal based protein, with low-glycemic ingredients which is what nature designed them to eat.

Brothers also adds highly viable unique, protected probiotics, (developed by a Ph.d Biologist and only available through his company) along with a long chain prebiotic to nourish them. This improves digestion, nutrient absorption, and gut health, and keeps the Candida albicans yeast/fungus in the gut from getting out of balance and causing no end of skin and allergy problems.

Brothers is unique in adding expensive digestive enzymes to help ensure the thorough breakdown and absorption of proteins which also aids in preventing the development of food allergies when a “leaky Gut” condition is present, as it is in so many dogs that have been eating food with high glycemic carbs like grain and potato.  All of Brothers ingredients are carefully selected with the intention and purpose of supporting your dogs ultimate health.

Brothers has created an ultra premium food that is designed to heal and help prevent food allergies from developing by focusing on creating a fully balanced, healthy, functioning gut - the core source of health in a mammal.

Brothers dog foods are made from real whole food with chelated minerals for optimal absorption and all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are balanced to each other, a highly detailed, complicated, time consuming process our Ph.D animal nutritionist says he has never seen in another dog food.

Most pet food recipes are about as nutritionally beneficial as fast food is for humans: made with empty calories from high glycemic carb ingredients.  Most major pet food brands contain 40% to 50% carb fillers and use high levels of plant-based proteins instead of real meat protein. Recipes that are low in animal proteins and high in carbs usually create health problems in the long run that include Leaky Gut (the cause of Allergy problems developing) and Systemic Candida where the Candida fungus gets into the blood stream and causes numerous skin and coat related problems.

Pets hold  a very special place in our family.  We love to see our pets happy and we believe nutrition is pivotal to improving their quality of life.  This motivates us to develop the best food possible for our beloved four-legged family members, which not only benefits them but the family that cares for them as well. By creating the most nutritious, perfectly balanced food we can nourish pets from puppies though senior age and it is a win-win for all involved - the dog, its family, and our family.