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Brothers Complete is a beautifully balanced, extremely nutritious dog food and you usually feed less of it, often a lot less, than other dog foods, even those considered to be among the best.

Four Hundred calories of a dog food with low amounts of protein (in the 15% to 25% range), along with high carbohydrate levels from grain, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, or other refined carbs. does not begin to compare with the superior nutrition that 400 calories of Brothers brings to your dog with 33% to 40% human grade protein, Digestive Enzymes, Selective Prebiotics, Encapsulated Probiotics, low glycemic Cassava Root as a carb binder, and the intricate balancing of nutrients to each other. Food calories are not created equal. Superior nutrition is the optimum amount of high quality calories and nutrients intricately balanced in relation to each other first, and then to the whole.

We suggest you feed the recommended amount of Brothers to begin with, regardless of how much you were feeding of the old dog food, and adjust slowly from there. Overfeeding can cause a soft stool or diarrhea and is a sign to cut back on the amount of Brothers you are feeding.

When switching to Brothers Complete we recommend mixing Brothers Complete with the old food for a few days to as much as a week. Every dog is different and tolerates change at his or her own level but usually the worst that happens if the change is too fast is a loose stool. Below are the suggested daily feeding recommendations. The amount one feeds his or her dog varies with age, activity level, and environment. So it best to monitor your dog during the first few weeks after switching to determine the ideal feeding amount.


Dog's Weight        Amount of Food Per Day (cups)

    6 LBS                    1/4  Cup / Day

    12 LBS                   1/2 Cup / Day

    25 LBS                   1  Cup / Day

    50 LBS                   2  Cups / Day

    75 LBS                   2 1/2 to 3  Cups / Day

    100 LBS                 3 1/4 to 4  Cups / Day

Puppies can require as much as 50% to 100% more food during growth but it's important they not be overfed, especially with large breed puppies. You want to give the joints time to develop fully before the dog puts on too much weight. You should be able to feel their ribs but not see them. Check their weight at least once a week and adjust to maintain an ideal weight.

BROTHERS IS PERFECTLY BALANCED FOR ALL BREEDS AND LIFE STAGES (Brothers Complete Dog Food meets the nutritional levels established by AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for all life stages)

We source HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS to produce our exceptionally healthy high quality dog food.

Brothers is HIGH IN PROTEIN to provide the necessary building blocks for a healthy dog in all life stages (30% to 36% is the guaranteed minimum protein depending on the formula).

OVER 90% OF PROTEIN IN BROTHERS IS ANIMAL SOURCED which is an abundant source of natural Taurine for heart health. Animal sourced protein (versus vegetable protein) is the protein that dogs are designed to eat by Mother Nature.

We add DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to ensure complete digestion and absorption of essential nutrients, help eliminate food intolerance, and strengthen the immune system.

The UNIQUE PROBIOTICS we use are encapsulated by a proprietary process that prevents them from being activated prematurely so they deliver 99.8% active cultures to the gut, which is as much as 1,000 times more than normal probiotics. They promote gut wall integrity, increase nutrient absorption, keep the destructive bacteria in check, and strengthen the immune system.  

We add LONG CHAIN PREBIOTICS which feed the Probiotics (beneficial gut bacteria) but do not feed the potentially destructive bacteria (such as Candida Albicans) like short chain prebiotics do.

We use a LOW GLYCEMIC BINDER (cassava root/tapioca, not high glycemic, highly processed carbs, grains, potatoes, or sweet potatoes, etc.).

Our food is kept fresh with 4 NATURAL PRESERVATIVES  ( mixed tocopherols, Vitamin C, Rosemary extract, & Green tea extract) No Ethoxyquin, BHA, or BHT is ever used.

Our food is packaged in a 3 PLY METALIZED POLYESTER BAG that protects the food from heat, light, air circulation, and insects.

Brothers is KEPT EXTRA FRESH @ 60 F in our climate controlled warehouse.

Brothers has NEVER HAD A RECALL (a perfect record in our 9 year history).

WE NEVER USE any GMO, grain, potatoes, sweet potatoes, soy, chemical preservatives (BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin), artificial flavoring or coloring, hormones, or antibiotics.

Gut Health is Critically Important

100 Trillion Bacteria in the Gut

The number of bacteria in the colon is about 10 times the number of cells in the entire rest of the body. About 10 Trillion cells make up the body. In a healthy colon there are about 100 Trillion bacteria.


The foundation of health in a mammal is the gut - a healthy gut equals a healthy animal.

The HUGE number of beneficial bacteria in the colon suggests that a correspondingly high level of importance be assigned to their purpose there which is to maintain the integrity of a healthy, functioning system. The massive colony of beneficial bacteria in the gut is not only 10 times the number of cells that make up the rest of the body  but they are crucial components of a healthy system.


The 100 Trillion bacteria in a healthy colon are designed to:


         Maintain healthy functioning of the Enterocytes that line the inside wall of the colon and the Cilia that grow out of the colon wall and extract nutrients from the food. 

         Maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria (90 Trillion or so) to keep the pathogenic bacteria, like Candida Albicans, from over populating, penetrating the colon wall, and escaping into the blood stream to cause Systemic Candida.

         Remove excess moisture from the fecal matter and return it to the body.


The Gut is the CORE OF THE ORGANISM and is the primary basis for creating health or disease.


A)  Most of the Immune System (70% to 80%) is generated in the gut wall so if the health of the gut is compromised the ability of the body to defend itself is compromised as well. 


B)  The gut wall is lined with hairs (Cilia) that effectively increase its surface area from 2 sq. ft. to about 1,200 sq. ft. If the cilia are not kept clean and functional then the ability of the body to absorb necessary nutrients from the food it eats becomes limited.


C)  The Cilia also plays a part in returning excess water in the fecal matter to the body. If they are compromised then loose stool or diarrhea is usually the result.



The lining on the inside of the gut wall that separates the fecal matter from the blood stream and the rest of the body is only one cell thick and is made up of rectangular cells called Enterocytes that fit together like little bricks.

Leaky Gut occurs when gaps form in the joints between the enterocytes and fecal matter leaks out of the colon into the blood stream.

Leaky Gut can be caused by a diet that contains grain, potato, sweet potato, or sugar in any form (molasses, sucrose, etc.) because these foods all turn into sugar which feeds the ever present Candida Albicans yeast/fungus and the fungus rhizomes can penetrate the joints between the enterocytes.

The overuse of antibiotics is also a cause of Leaky Gut because antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria which maintain the health of the gut lining as well as keep the Candida fungus in check. It is very important for the integrity of the gut lining to keep the healthy bacteria healthy and strong which is why Brothers adds special Encapsulated Probiotics and PreBiotics.

The constant flow of pathogens into the blood stream through a Leaky Gut makes the immune system highly overreactive. In time it causes an auto immune response as the immune system becomes hyperactive and begins attacking healthy tissue that has similar amino acid sequences as the partial proteins that are leaking into the blood stream.

Another problem caused by a Leaky Gut occurs when Candida Albicans Fungus, which is naturally in every gut, gets through a Leaky Gut wall into the blood stream and becomes a condition called Systemic Candida.



When Candida Albicans leaks into the blood stream the condition is called Systemic Candida because the fungal form of Candida is in the blood stream and spreads throughout the entire system. Systemic Candida causes no end of skin and fungus problems throughout the body. It can change from hot spots to itching, to hives, to yeasty ears, etc. 

Grain, potato, and sweet potato are a form of sugar that feeds the Candida Fungus and helps it get stronger and do more damage to the system. It is not practical to use medicine to kill the Systemic Candida because it is too damaging to the dogs liver and as the Candida dies off it releases toxins that will make the poor dog go crazy if it dies too quickly. It's better to slowly starve the Candida back over a period of three to six months so the die off is not too painful and uncomfortable for the dog.

Once the Systemic Candida is weak enough the immune system will eliminate the rest of it in the blood stream and your dog will be healthy and happy again.

Brothers is designed to heal Leaky Gut over a period of 3 to 6 months and prevent it from recurring in the future by eliminating the grain, potato, sweet potato, and other ingredients that cause the problem in the first place.

By adding Digestive Enzymes, long chain PreBiotics, and Unique Encapsulated ProBiotics that deliver a thousand times more active cultures to the gut than normal probiotics, Brothers helps the gut heal and restore itself to full healthy functioning.




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