Brothers earned the Dog Food Advisors Editor Choice award for Best Allergy dog food 2012 - 2022

Brothers Dog Food is designed to restore and maintain a fully functioning, healthy gut because the health of the gut determines the overall health of the organism.

There are 90 trillion bacteria in a healthy gut and the majority of them are beneficial and essential for it's proper functioning. They keep the harmful bacteria in check and maintain the mucosal lining of the gut (small intestine) that isolates the fecal matter from the rest of the body and from which about 80% of the immune system is generated.

The inside lining of the small intestine is just one cell thick and is composed of specialized cells called Enterocytes that butt together a little like bricks. On the  side facing into the small intestine they have fine hairs called Cilia growing out of them that help transfer nutrients from the food, through the enterocytes, into the bloodstream where the body can use them.

Allergies or "Food Intolerances", as they are often referred to, are caused by a condition called "Leaky Gut" that develops over time due to Dysbiosis which is an imbalance between the harmful and beneficial bacteria in the gut.

This is usually caused by a diet high in carbohydrates and low in animal protein and fat. The carbs feed the harmful Candida Albicans yeast/fungus which overgrows and attacks the joints between the enterocytes and openings develop that allow what is inside the small intestine to leak through the wall into the blood stream. 


Meat protein is composed of long chains of amino acids and the digestive  is designed to break down the chains into single amino acids the cilia can absorb and the body can utilize. If the dog has Leaky Gut then partially digested random lengths of amino acids are getting through the gut wall before they are reduced to individual amino acids.

The immune system perceives any portion of a protein as an invading pathogen and makes a copy of the sequence of amino acids in case the same sequence appears again, which of course it does.

After a few hundred partially digested proteins get into the blood stream the immune system is constantly under attack and fighting to remove these partial sequences

This constant attack by the immune system on the partial proteins leaking through the gut is perceived as a food allergy but it can be resolved by healing the Leaky Gut.

It does not help to change to a novel protein if you do not fix Leaky Gut first because the body will simply develop an allergy to the new protein which will leak through the gut wall like the previous one.