Two Ways To Get Your Dog To Lose Weight

There are basically two ways to get your dog to lose weight:

#1 Change the amount of calories.

#2 Change the quality of the calories.

As an example easier to identify with, let’s compare two 2,000 calorie diets for your theoretical 14 year old daughter, which is the number of calories that are supposed to maintain her weight.

Diet #1 = Potatoes, potato chips, bread, donuts, beans, sweet potatoes, pasta, sweet rolls, etc

Diet #2 = Lean meat, eggs, high fiber peas and vegetables, low glycemic carbohydrates, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a balanced highly absorbable multi-vitamin.

Theoretically, where weight loss is concerned, these two 2,000 calorie diets are considered the same.

Does anyone think that fewer calories of Diet #1 is the same as fewer calories of Diet #2?

Every mother knows that these two diets are not even close to the same and they cannot be compared simply on a calorie basis, when trying to lose weight, or for any other reason.

The following points show why calorie counting alone is less than desirable:

  • Diet #1 is full of high glycemic carbs that trigger insulin and tell the body to store weight.                                                                                                   
  • sets up a craving for more high glycemic carbs
  • carbs spike blood sugar quickly and then cause a drop in the metabolism.
  • eventually causes a diabetic condition as insulin resistance develop 
  • not nutritious enough to maintain a healthy body
  • not sustainable for the long term
  • will result in the person feeling hungry all the time which leads to cheating 
  • will not produce a happy, healthy person, or dog

The following points show why Diet #2 really isn’t a diet to begin with:

  •  Diet #2 provides healthy, balanced nutrition that does not cause an insulin spike.
  •  reduces the desire for high glycemic carbs
  •  creates even, consistent blood sugar levels
  •  does not contribute to Insulin resistance or diabetes
  • is highly nutritious and will work over the long term                             
  • is easily sustainable for the long term                                                           
  • will satisfy hunger so there are far fewer urges to eat high glycemic carbs
  • produces a healthy, balanced energy that is reflected in the persons personality

Brothers is designed to be a nutritionally dense, high protein, low glycemic, extremely well balanced food with probiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and highly available, supplemental vitamins to replace those lost in cooking so it maintains the ideal weight of your dog without the need to reduce calories.

This is even more important with dog food since the dog is eating the same or similar diet every meal, every day, and any imbalances will have a tendency to be magnified.

We designed Brothers to maintain ideal weight naturally with perfectly balanced, highly nutritious food. 

Brothers has received Dog Food Advisor 2020 /2021 Editor's Choice award for Top Weight Loss Dog Foods.


Written by Richard Darlington, CEO

Brothers Dog Food, LLC

August 2021



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