Recurrent Ear Infections in Dogs

Chronic Ear Infections                                                                                Eliminating the following things resolved the problem with ear infections over time in 97% of the cases. 

 4 Causes that lead to Leaky Gut and Ear Infections 

  1.  Poor diet. This includes grain, white and sweet potato, other high glycemic       carbohydrates, or sugar in any form (usually through treats). 
  2. Overuse of Anti-biotic
  3. Overuse of Corticosteroids for allergy symptom 
  4. Toxins, like flea and tick meds that get into the dogs blood stream, or heavy metal found in some food sources like fish.

There are some some very impressive, technically complex and complete articles written on the numerous possible causes of ear infections and below we have shared a link to an article we found helpful.

I know you just want to resolve the problem, so after 14 years operating a dog food store and successfully resolving ear infections in over a thousand dogs,

Here is how we stopped ear infections, continue to do it, and what you need to do.

First we eliminated the 4 causes of Leaky Gut.

Because the first cause was not easy for our customers to eliminate, given the existing dog food choices, with the help of an Animal Nutritionist with a Ph.D in Gut Biology, we created 4 formulas of Brothers Complete Dog Food, that were designed to naturally resolve the gut issues that led to Leaky Gut, Systemic Candida, Allergy problems, and Ear Infections. Brothers Dog Food restores the system to vibrant health from the inside out and maintains that balance going forward. Depending on the extent of the Systemic Candida problem in your dog, which leads to ear infections, this could take from a few weeks to about 6 months in extreme cases.

Brothers Dog Food is rated 5 stars on Dog Food Advisor, and is included in the Dog Food Advisors Editors Choice for the Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Allergies.

If you just want a solution, feed your dog Brothers, eliminate causes 2 through 4 and watch your dog get better.

Signs of ear infections are:

  • Head tilting towards the side with the infection

  • Head shaking

  • Scratching or pawing at ears

  • Head rubbing on the floor

  • Rubbing ears

  • Hot ears

  • Smelly ears

  • Waxy discharge

  • Crusty, scabby or red, irritated skin inside the ear flap

    For those who want to understand the causal chain:
    1) The 4 Causes lead to Leaky Gut (see Blog Post “A healthy Gut equals a Healthy Animal”.

    2) Leaky Gut leads to Systemic Candida. Candida albicans, present in the colon, overgrows from overuse of antibiotics and being fed too much sugar in the form of grain, potato, etc and mutates into it’s fungal form and penetrates the joints between the cells that form the gut lining and gets into the blood stream.

    3) Systemic Candida leads to ear infections. Once in the blood stream the fungus continues growing from the sugar in the blood stream supplied by the grain and potato in the diet and becomes Systemic Candida. This fungus moves throughout the body causing different skin problems. It also causes ear infections. The bad smell is the fungus.

    The solution to ear infections must be from the inside out and begin with the elimination of the 4 causes. There is no permanent or long term solution unless the causes of Leaky Gut are eliminated and the gut is healed and kept healthy. Trying to resolve ear infections from the outside is like trying to stop water from coming out of a spigot by putting your hand over the opening instead of turning off the valve.

Article reposted with permission from Whole Dog Journal

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