Award-Winning Brothers Dog Food – The Best Choice for Your Dog

Your dog’s long-term health depends on giving them a healthy dog food. Having a dog at home means taking extra care of its health and diet. It is essential to ensure that it gets the nutrients required to keep them healthy, active, and happy. As far as nutritional requirements are concerned, a dog food that is high in animal protein and nutritionally balanced is healthy for all breeds and all life stages. Brothers Dog Food is designed with digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and special probiotics that are specifically designed to survive in the digestive system and activate in the colon where they are needed.

Brothers Dog Food is processed in a way to meet all of your loyal furry friend’s nutritional needs.

Though there are unlimited options available in the market, choosing the perfect one that meets your dog’s requirements is important. If you want your pet dog to thrive on all the right nutrients, it is time to switch to the highly nutritional, award-winning Brothers Dog Food.  

Why Brothers Dog Food Works

When it comes to delivering high-quality, nutritious pet food, Brothers Dog Food, established in 2009, is a true pioneer. Moreover, Brothers Dog Food has received the highest honor of 5 stars by leading website, Dog Food Advisor, which reviews various dog food brands. Dog Food Advisor has awarded Brothers Dog Food the “Best Dog Food for Allergies” and “Best Dog Food for Weight loss”.

It is indeed one of the fastest-growing pet food brands in the United States as Brothers ultra-premium dog kibble contains high amounts of animal-based protein. It is low in carbohydrates as the dog food doesn’t have grains or white potatoes. Because Brothers Dog Food® meets AAFCO nutritional requirements for all ages, it is great for puppies, large breed puppies, adult dogs, working dogs, and senior dogs.

How Beneficial Is It for Your Dog’s Overall Health

  • Brothers Dog Food establishes and supports digestive and gut health and provides complete nutrition that mimics a dog’s natural diet.
  • The pet food contains highly selective prebiotics that only feeds good bacteria.
  • On the other hand, the encapsulated probiotics are kept alive by a patented process, which encapsulates, protects, and prevents the beneficial bacteria from activating until they reach the gut, where they are fed by the selective prebiotics.
  • The dog food is made in small batches and kept cool (55-60F) in the warehouse to ensure maximum freshness. The combination of 4 natural preservatives also aids in keeping the dog food fresh.
  • Great for your pet’s digestive health, the dog food has digestive enzymes that break the food down more thoroughly and increase nutrient absorption. It is an excellent choice for reducing the chance of allergies along with making their immune system stronger.
  • Brothers Dog Food is made of high-quality proteins such as turkey, chicken, and dried whole eggs that are easily absorbed.
  • The brand not only produces great quality dog food, but they make sure the pet food is packaged in the highest quality, 3-ply, metalized bags, which protect the food against insects, oxygen, light, and moisture.
  • Brothers Dog Food does not contain BHA, BHT, or Ethoxyquin.

Proteins Used In Brothers Dog Food

  • Animal protein is the ideal protein for dogs. Hence the proteins found in Brothers Dog Food are 90% sourced from animals compared to protein sources derived from plants and grains.
  • The free-range protein includes Venison and Lamb meat that are sourced from Australia and New Zealand, where the animals are fed a hormone and antibiotic-free diet.

The award-winning brand carefully selects each ingredient according to advanced nutritional concepts and emphasizes healing and maintaining a healthy gut. What’s great about Brothers Dog Food is that it’s an excellent choice for your dog’s growth and development. It is a nourishing healthy hypoallergenic food, which helps avoid skin conditions and allergy-related tummy trouble. So what are you waiting for? Switch to Brothers Dog Food now. The pet food is available on our website as well as Amazon.


Written by Richard Darlington

July 2022

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