Brothers Dog Food is designed to restore, then maintain full health and vitality in the gut. This includes the 90 trillion bacteria essential for it's proper functioning. This also strengthens the immune system, 80% of which is generated in the mucosal lining of the gut. The health of the gut determines the health of the organism and Brothers is based on that reality.

Long term health is generated from the inside out. It's a gradual process that takes time and along the way it is not unusual for this natural healing process to involve an occasional day or two of detoxing as the system becomes healthier.

Detoxing is a necessary and healthy process the body uses to release and eliminate accumulated toxins and cellular waste. As your dog gets healthier it is quite normal for its body to get rid of some of the toxins that have been accumulating in it’s system. If the detox process is treated as a symptom that needs to be "fixed" and is aborted through medication, or a return to the food that created the problem originally, then the existing problems will worsen over time and long term system wide health becomes virtually impossible.

When detoxing, a dog can only eliminate the toxins one of two ways, either throwing up or diarrhea. A loose stool or diarrhea is the most common detox pathway, but either way it’s a sign that your dog is healing and becoming healthier, and the detox periods usually only last a day or two.

 Some dogs who have been on a diet that includes processed grain or potato for an extended period of time will have developed a sweet tooth and be somewhat addicted to the sugar rush it gets from the grain or potato - very similar to the craving people can develop for highly processed carbs. They may need a little extra time to reset their taste preference when switching to a grain and potato free diet like Brothers, but they will almost always re-acquire their natural built-in biological preference for animal based proteins, which is helped by the fact that over 90% of the protein in Brothers is biologically appropriate animal based protein.

A loose stool can also be caused by overfeeding, especially with a highly nutritious food like Brothers. Not all calories are created equal. Brothers is a high protein, low carbohydrate, prefectly balanced, highly nutritious food and 400 calories of Brothers is not equal to 400 calories of a low protein, high carbohydrate dog food with more vegetable protein than animal protein content. Begin feeding Brothers at the rate of about a cup per day for each 25 lbs the dog weighs and adjust from there. In other words a 50 lb dog would get 2 cups of Brothers a day. If you feed your dog twice a day as suggested then that's 1 cup at each feeding for a 50 lb dog.

It's very important that you eliminate any and all forms of grain, potato, and sugar for at least 6 to 8 months and hopefully forever after to maintain the health and well being of your furry family member.