Sensitive Stomach

All of Brothers Dog Food formulas have been extremely successful at eliminating and preventing ‘sensitive stomach’ issues since they were first formulated over fifteen years ago. Over ninety percent of the protein in Brothers is sourced from healthy named animal proteins like Turkey, Lamb, Chicken, and Goat that your dog is designed to thrive on. These ingredients don’t cause stomach upset like the overused less expensive vegetable sources of protein and high glycemic carbohydrates found in other dog foods often do. Combined with our special encapsulated probiotics, long-chain prebiotics, and digestive enzymes Brothers keeps the entire digestive system balanced and healthy.

Allergy Relief

If you have been going through the frustrating experience of watching your dog suffer from ‘Allergies’, (licking, scratching, and biting itself, among other problems), you have come to the right place. If you owned a previous dog with these problems and do not want your new dog to develop them, then your research has finally paid off.
Brothers Dog Food addresses the underlying cause of these food allergy issues and helps your dog become a healthy animal from the inside out.

Most dog owners are told that food allergies are extremely rare, yet they are not offered a solution, to whatever they are told the problem is, other than drugs and constant visits to the veterinarian.
Brothers Dog Food is a long-term solution to the problems around food-related allergies, which are far more common than you are led to believe. Many dog owners have tried a long list of dog foods looking for a solution and when they discovered Brothers their search came to an end.

Brothers Dog Food offers a real solution to food-related allergy problems. You have finally found a food that will actually make a difference. These issues are not resolved overnight, but over a few weeks or months depending on how severe the problem is. Brothers is the healthy solution you were hoping to find.


Grain Free

The primary reason to feed your dog grain-free food is because it is a much healthier diet than one which includes high-glycemic grains and potatoes.
Nature has designed dogs to thrive on animal protein and fat alone, they have no dietary need for carbohydrates at all.                                                           
In fact, high glycemic Carbohydrates (grains and potatoes) actually harm the gut by feeding the Candida albicans fungus, which grows out of balance. The fungal rhizomes penetrate the gut wall allowing the Candida fungus to get into the bloodstream which is known as “Systemic Candida”. The dog food keeps supplying sugar to feed it and it spreads throughout the body causing endless variations of skin problems and itching.
Large companies make the claim that the body can digest the carbs, but that does not mean the overall result is healthy. Children can digest candy or sugary cold cereal but would not do well on a diet that was half of that each meal.
Calories are NOT the same. 1,000 calories of a meal and animal fat are far more nutritious than 1,000 calories of high-glycemic carbs. Substituting grain and potatoes for meat and animal fat is good for the dog food companies, not the dog.
Recently there was a misleading statement, now de-bunked but not withdrawn, from the FDA who made the erroneous claim (based on 25 cases out of 76,811,305 dogs in this country) that there might be a connection between grain-free dog food and a heart condition known as DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy). It has been well-known for some time that a lack of Taurine could cause DCM in dogs and cats. Taurine is found in animal protein which is expensive so as manufacturers began replacing animal protein with vegetable protein from potatoes, legumes, and grains the Taurine levels went down. The 25 cases of CDM in the country were foods that had very low levels of animal protein. It is not the grain but the lack of Taurine that can cause DCM, although the cases are extremely rare.
Brothers dog food is a high-protein dog food and over 90% of the protein is animal sourced with plenty of natural Taurine, and we also add Taurine to every batch.

90% Animal Sourced Protein

In simple terms, your dog is designed to eat animal-sourced protein and hanging around people for a couple thousand years does not, and cannot, change that.

Your dog does not look like a 10,000-year-old Gray Wolf because the strand of Nuclear DNA that each parent contributes can be manipulated over the years to selectively breed a dog with different personality traits and physical characteristics, like a Goldendoodle or a Scottish Terrier.

However, every dog ever bred has one thing in common with the Gray Wolf and other canids like the Dingo, Coyote, and Jackal that cannot be changed. They are carnivores, designed by Mother Nature to eat a diet of animal protein and fat that is set in stone in their Mitochondrial DNA, which has not changed for thousands of years because it is only passed on through the female.

Their Mitochondrial DNA dictates the ideal food for rebuilding, growth, optimal health, and controls energy pathways all the way down to the cellular level. Tests show dogs are fairly able to digest the high-glycemic potatoes and grain used in most dog foods but does not take into account the damage all that sugar does to a system designed to process animal protein and fat.

All that sugar that the high-glycemic carbohydrates convert into eventually causes a condition called “Leaky Gut” where fecal matter leaks through the joints in the cells lining the gut, called enterocytes. This sets up an “allergic” reaction to that protein over time, causes the immune system to become hyper-vigilant, and allows Candida Albicans fungus to get into the bloodstream which is a condition known as “Systemic Candida”. Brothers is a high-protein dog food that uses healthy
named animal protein and fat that is over 90% animal sourced. On a calorie basis Brothers is 71% animal
protein and fat and only 29% low glycemic carbohydrates. We add special “protected” probiotics, long-chain prebiotics that feed them, and digestive enzymes to ensure complete digestion that makes Brothers Dog Food the ideal food for Mother Nature's family of dogs.