Brothers probably COSTS LESS per day than the food you are using.

Check the Chart below to compare costs

The cost to feed your dog per day is not just the sticker price on the bag but how long that bag will last.

If a $45 bag of food lasts for 2 weeks and a $90 bag of Brothers lasts for 4 weeks then the cost to feed your dog is the same.

Why not feed the very best if it costs the same or less?

Most dog foods have useless calories from grain, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and other less expensive ingredients so you must feed more per day which can make it more expensive to feed than Brothers.

 You can probably feed the very best for the same price or even less than the food your are feeding now. We've done the work for you in this chart that has pricing per

Make the switch to Brothers, save money on food and have a healthier dog. A healthy dog = small Veterinarian bills.