1) Select "My Account" and Create an account

2) Select the dog food you want to Auto-Ship.

3) Choose the Bag size and Quantity you want

4) Select the "Subscribe & Save" option

5) Choose how often you want the delivery to be in weeks or months

6) Click the ADD TO CART button and it's done.

7) As long as your auto-Ship order remains the same formula, size, and delivery schedule (i.e. a 5 lb Venison) you will not need to enter your credit card each time. You can increase the number of bags or the size of the bags of that formula or change how often it's delivered and you will be billed automatically without having to enter your credit card info each time.

You can combine one-time purchases in the same cart as the Auto-Ship order.

Adjust How Often, Cancel, or Restart Anytime