Proper Nutrition For Dogs


Dogs are classified as carnivores. Carnivores are are designed to eat meat by Mother Nature and this has not changed in the 25,000 years since she designed the Gray Wolf that all domesticated varieties of dogs have descended from. Dogs have teeth designed to rip and swallow. They do not have the flat teeth omnivores have for crushing up plants and carbohydrates.

Humans are omnivores who are designed to eat meat, plants, and carbohydrates and there are many dog owners and even veterinarians who think that dogs can now be considered Omnivores because they have been hanging around humans for hundreds of years and eating much the same diet. However, this is not based on science at all. Feeding your dog the high glycemic, high carbohydrate diet humans are eating will have a negative effect on them in the long term, even worse than the effect it is having on the humans who are eating it, the majority of whom are overweight as a result.

It’s probably because most versions of the domesticated dog don’t look at all like the Gray Wolf they are descendants of that people assume their eating requirements have changed also but this is not the case.

There are two types of DNA; Mitochondrial DNA and Nuclear DNA. Nuclear DNA can be altered to make a wolf look like a Beagle or a Yorkie but that does not change what they are designed to eat.


Mitochondrial DNA determines the food your dog is designed to eat, and it is 99.8% identical to a 25,000 year old Gray Wolf. Mother Nature has purposely designed Mitochondrial DNA to be passed on only through the females DNA so it cannot be manipulated and will remain stable over many thousands of years. Your dog may look and act like a furry ball of cuteness but it needs to eat like a Wolf.

Mitochondrial DNA determines the food that should be eaten and controls the conversion of that food into energy, the energy pathways that provide the cells with energy and materials to grow, build muscle, bone and tissue and provide energy to function at peak efficiency.

A proper diet also controls the dogs weight naturally. If your dog is eating 1500 calories a day and a lot of it is from high glucose grain and potatoes instead of lean meat protein and fat then the dog will become overweight and sickly. It’s not the calories the dog is eating but the SOURCE of those calories that is the problem. Have you ever seen a wolf or dog in the wild that was overweight? They eat a species appropriate, meat and fat based diet that gives them all the energy they need and keeps them healthy.

A rule of thumb to determine your dogs proper weight is to put your hands on their rib cage. You should be able to feel their ribs but not see them from about six feet away.

Brothers Complete Dog Food is designed to meet the nutritional requirements of your dog as mother nature designed. High quality protein that is over 90% animal sourced protein (not vegetable protein) healthy fat levels, low glycemic carbohydrates and the inclusions of digestive enzymes, probiotics, and encapsulated probiotics for gut health. Give your dog healthy food and watch them drop excess weight naturally and get healthy as Mother Nature designed them to be.

Written by Richard Darlington

November 2021

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