Top 10 New Puppy Tips

It had been over 5 years since we lost our beloved cocker spaniel, Louis. What a sweet, lovable dog he was. Pooped and peed whenever and wherever he pleased and LOVED to open handbags and snoop around until he found an errant lipstick which would subsequently disappear. Other than that, he was perfect.
As far as my husband and I were concerned he was irreplaceable; plus we were renting a beautiful apartment on the beach in an animal free building and we travel, a lot. No time for dogs and who wants to hassle my landlord or the condo association.
Then Covid hit.
No more travel.
Lots of down time with walks on the beach to help our sanity and our waist lines. One day, I see this tiny white Bichon running up and down the beach and in and out of the waves; having simply the best ole’ time. I’m pretty sure I saw him smile. Hmmmm, I thought to myself, I think I miss that! Shortly thereafter we found out that our building “sort of” accepts pets...hmmm, ok. Interesting...
Long story short, after approaching my oh so kind, animal loving landlord and paying a lot of money to have a therapist deem it “necessary” for me to own a “therapy” dog so my building would allow a pet, I set out to find our perfect French Bulldog.
Not such an easy task. I had parameters. I had a budget. I didn’t want to get on a plane to travel to a breeder. I wanted one sooner than later because I wanted him acclimated before our kids came down to visit in July. I wanted a boy. I really wanted a blue or grey one until I found out they can’t be registered thru the AKC yet and I didn’t want a tan one. I’m a big believer in, what’s meant to be, will be, so I just had faith that the right dog would turn up at the right time. And he did. Originally named Noah, he was the littlest of the litter and so his breeder decided to sell him to the, “right person”. Me! Adria was keeping two of his sisters to show, as their father has already won AKC awards.
Noah met all of my parameters and truth be told I fell in love with him the moment she texted me his photo. He seemed to have a personality that would fit our family and I was right! Now named Enzo, he has been with us two weeks and he’s almost potty trained, even though we live in a condo, so there’s a lot of going up and down in the elevator. But he is really smart and already knows the way and if I yell, let’s go home, he comes running and goes straight to the elevator without a leash! He’s not quite sleeping through the night but only wakes up once and doesn’t bark, just whimpers a little bit and that’s my cue to take him for a potty run.
Every single member of our family has fallen in love with him and the treats and toys haven’t stop arriving. I realized that I may be lucky enough to have him until I’m close to 70 years old and that thought is somewhat daunting for me in my mid-50s. But as empty-nesters and without grandchildren in sight, he has filled a little empty place in our hearts and allowed my husband and I to care for and love this newest addition to our already amazing family.
Alexandra L. Bader
article reposted with permission from Training Canines 
Top 10 New Puppy Tips
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