Award Winning Brothers Allergy Formula for Dogs

Allergies in Dogs & Why Brothers Dog Food helps heal them.

To understand the way to treat and heal allergies it’s crucial to understand what causes allergies, how allergies are created.

Doesn’t it seem odd that domesticated dogs, like the 20,000 year old Gray Wolf they are descendants of and share 99.8% identical Mitochondrial DNA with (which determines what they are designed to eat) develop Allergies to meat, and other foods, while the wolf does not?

The answer is found in the diet we have been feeding dogs since the end of the second world war when we had silos full of surplus grain that was no longer needed for the war effort and some enterprising souls in charge of dog food companies started putting it in dog food.

Sometime later potatoes and sweet potatoes were added to the ingredient list we were feeding dogs. Getting dogs to eat high glycemic carbohydrates like grain and potatoes, that didn’t smell like meat, was to dump a lot of meat flavoring into the mix. Other things were added to the dogs diet like reprocessed animals (dead dogs, cats, road kill, sick or diseased cattle not fit for human consumption, spoiled meat from food stores, waste from meat processing plants, etc) that were reprocessed by Rendering Plants and sold to dog food producers. Today there are 96 Rendering Plants in the IUS and Canada that produce 11 Billion pounds (11,000,000,000) of reprocessed animal by-products. Then to deal with the consequences of a poor diet dogs were prescribed antibiotics, steroids, and other medicines that were short term help but caused long term problems.

The problems listed below are attributed to Allergies, which is true in a very general way, but that knowledge doesn’t help us solve the problems. However, what causes Allergies is a condition known as “Leaky Gut” which is a totally preventable condition caused by faulty diet. Even more exciting is the fact that almost everything, including the allergies caused by leaky gut, are resolved in time as the Leaky Gut condition is healed through proper nutrition like Brothers Complete Dog Food.

  •    Systemic Candida
  •    Redness or skin rashes
  •    Itchy skin, which results in excessive licking, scratching, and biting
  •    Recurring hotspots
  •    Hypersensitivity to skin irritation
  •    Bad odor or bad breath
  •    Itching/red, irritated eyes
  •    Coughing and bouts of asthma attacks
  •    Frequent sneezing
  •    Ear infections
  •    Hair loss
  •    Hives
  •    Diarrhea
  •    Joint pain
  •    Inflammation

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