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Prelude to a Blog on dog food and nutrition

Prelude to a Blog on dog food and nutrition

Ten years ago our family "risked it all" and committed everything we had to develop a kibble dog food that would be the most advanced, ideal nutrition possible in that form.

There are many who believe that the best, and only, diet for dogs should be a raw meat diet based on what the ancestors of our domestic dogs have been eating in the wild for tens of thousands of years.

It's a compelling argument that makes a lot of sense and for the first 5 years as a family operating a high end dog food store we recommended it. During those years after working a full day, 7 days a week, I spent my nights, usually until midnight and beyond, grinding raw meat and packaging it for our customers. We didn't just dabble in the raw diet, we were committed to it, and our store had 9 freezers (7 were 7 foot long chest freezers) packed with raw food from every raw manufacturer we could find, including our own home made supply.

But, however good it sounds in theory, as the years went by the limitations of raw feeding became more and more aparent. The hundreds of customers we'd convinced to feed raw had slowly dwindled to a few dozen for various reasons. Some dogs developed nutrient imbalances after a couple years and others simply refused to eat it after awhile. Many families found the task too daunting to carry out routinely and others were concerned about small children handling the dogs food or being kissed by the dog soon after eating. More often than not it bacame too expensive or too time consuming for many busy families. For those and other practical reasons most families eventually abandoned raw and returned to feeding a kibble.

Of the 80 million dogs in this country it's estimated that 96% are fed with kibble so, regardless of personal opinion or idealology, to have the largest positive impact on dogs by providing exceptional nutrition we would need to make it in the form of kibble.









Over the last 10 years we’ve researched animal nutrition in depth while observing the effects of commercial dog food and various diets on the health of thousands of dogs that we’ve gotten to know through our dog food store.


I plan to write articles on this blog to share much of what we’ve learned over the years from our unusual vantage point of having access to thousands of dogs through our dog food store and our experience creating a dog food 6 years ago in an effort to help resolve the problems we observed in so many dogs that were being fed commercial dog food, even the premium foods, that we sold in our dog food store.


We set out to design the healthiest dog food possible in kibble form with the help of an an animal nutritionist with over 30 years experience in the dog food industry and a Ph.D in gut biology. After 4 years in development and 6 years in production the positive results that Brothers Complete has produced with thousands of dogs has positively exceeded the highest expectations we ever dared hope for. The performance of this food is also remarkable in the nearly total lack of complaints we’ve received over a 6 year period which is nothing short of astounding given the volume of complaints we’re used to hearing with even the best dog foods we carry in our stores.


A lot goes into Brothers Complete dog food including human grade ingredients, over 90% of the protein is species appropriate animal sourced protein, advanced nutritional concepts that require additional steps in production and processing are utilized using enzymes, special prebiotics, and unique probiotics that are encapsulated to protect them from activating prematurely (which is the fate of 99% of ordinary probiotics if they are applied to dog food), and finally extremely intricate calculations are made taking many variables into consideration to balance all the nutrients and minerals to each other including the little known inter-relationship between 7 pairs of minerals that can be described as “symbiotic pairs” because the amount of one mineral in the pair directly effects the performance of the other. For instance it is not enough to simply have adequate levels of Calcium and Magnesium - they must be in balance to each other or the dominant one will adversely effect proper functioning of the other which will then impact other functions in the body.


Because Brothers has delivered on its promise to make the healthiest food possible to help restore dogs to a state of overall health and vitality, and maintain that health going forward we’ve been accumulating extremely grateful, fervently loyal customers over the years. Many of whom, before discovering Brothers, had been engaged in an exhausting, frustrating search to find a dog food that would help resolve the problems their dog had developed. They had repeatedly experienced the disappointment of buying into well funded marketing campaigns that were adept at creating beautiful, emotionally compelling promises of performance and hope but which, in reality, were just nutritional illusions created to sell more dog food.


The gratitude that we get from our customers for making a food they can finally trust to get results is something that I never tire of hearing for no other reason than the simple joy of knowing and being proud that our efforts have succeeded in making a positive difference in the quality of life for another dog and their family. Money can’t buy that feeling.


As we head into our 11th year We want to share much of what we’ve learned in the hope that it will reach those who need it most who are still looking. This is all about getting to the core of an issue and telling the truth about it so that someone and their dog will benefit from that truth. Hopefully those still searching for a solution will find their way to our website and blog, give Brothers a try for at least a few months so it can do its magic, and join the growing number of happy, healthy Brothers dog families.


In next weeks blog we will address the real reasons that so many dogs are overweight and explain why the standard recommended solutions don’t work. We’ll also explain why the real solution to helping your dog achieve and maintain it’s optimal weight is as easy as pie for both you and your dog. Below are the topics I’ll address in next Fridays blog so you have the whole weekend to find the time to read it.


Next Weeks Blog Article Topics:

Why are so many dogs overweight?

Why Low Fat dog foods don’t really help lose weight and in fact make the problem worse.