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Brothers Complete Dog Food

About Us

Brothers Complete Dog Food is 100% family owned and operated.

Aaron Earling, Retail Sales Manager

Aaron is Chief Operating Officer at Brothers Complete and the company-anointed people person who usually has a kind word and a smile for the customers as he goes about managing the Brothers Pet Nutrition Store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Marisa Komarek, Director of Marketing and PR
Marisa is actively involved in Brothers Complete on a daily basis, doing whatever is necessary to maintain the goals and ideals the family has set for Brothers Complete. Her background as an artist serves her well in her position as head of marketing and PR.
Richard Darlington, CEO
Richard has been an entrepreneur and successful business owner since he got out of the US Navy where he was aircrew as part of a squadron aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal and at Quonset Point Rhode Island Naval Air Base when stateside. After 35 years running his own businesses in the northeast he decided to put his energy into improving the life of dogs with Marisa and her two sons, Pierre and Aaron, by creating the highly nutritious Brothers Complete line of Ultra Premium Dog Food. He now lives in Kansas City Missouri.